IT Hiring Kit Just Released

IT Job Market Forecast
An average of over 12.4K new IT Jobs have been created for the last 12 months. We estimate that an average growth will slow in the remainder of the calendar year.

IT Hiring KitIT Pro's Hiring Kit - Includes latest Salary Data, Interview and Hiring Guide - packed full with best practices and electronic tools, and up to 320 full multi-page comprehensive Job Descriptions.

In today's economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to have the right talent in place, run at peak efficiency and "do more with less". With the economic improvement and lowest unemployment numbers in several years, HR departments are pressured to get qualified professionals on board now. The ITHiring Kit is the one tool that anyone to streamline the recruiting process.

Version of IT Hiring Kit - Time to Hire Now

Kit comes in four versions. Each version contains the latest IT Salary Survey, the Interview and Hiring Guide, and between 73 and 320 IT Job Descriptions.

  C-Level  Directors  Sr Managers  Middle Mgt  Staff

All our offerings come with 30 days of free update service. Or as we recommend you can order the kit with 1 year or 2 years of update service.

You can click on the link below to see the full table of contents of each of the four version of the IT Hiring Kit or order it with an imediate download . Credit Card Orders Only.

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  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Small Enterprise
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
  • Chief Mobility Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Vice President Administration
  • Vice President Consulting Services
  • Vice President Human Resources
  • Vice President Information Services
  • Vice President Strategy and Architecture
  • Vice President Technical Services

Director Level

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Director Business Applications
  • Director Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Director Electronic Commerce
  • Director Information Technology
  • Director IT Deployment
  • Director IT Infrastructure
  • Director IT Management and Control
  • Director IT Planning
  • Director Media Communications
  • Director Production Services/Data Center
  • Director Safety Program
  • Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Director Systems and Programming
  • Director Systems
  • Director Technical Services
  • Director Telecommunication Services

Manager Positions

Mgr Acct IT
Mgr Adm & Fac
Mgr Apps Dev
Mgr Apps
Mgr Apps Tech
Mgr Avil/Auto
Mgr Blkchn Arc
Mgr Bus Dev
Mgr Change Ctl
Mgr Cloud Apps
Mgr Comp Intel
Mgr Compl
Mgr Comp Ops
Mgr Contracts
Mgr Controller
Mgr Cust Svc
Mgr Cust Ctr
Mgr Cust Site
Mgr Data & SE
Mgr Data Ctr
Mgr Data Com
Mgr Data Sec
Mgr Data Whse
Mgr Database
Mgr Dev Tech
Mgr DR
Mgr DR & BC

Mgr E-Comm
Mgr EA
Mgr Facl & Eqp
Mgr Green Init
Mgr Help Desk
Mgr HR
Mgr Info Arch
Mgr Inter/Intra
Mgr Inter Sys
Mgr IoT
Mgr ISO Impl
Mgr KPI Metrics
Mgr Media Lib
Mgr Metrics
Mgr Micro Tech
Mgr Net & Cmp
Mgr Netwk Svc
Mgr Office Aut
Mgr OS Prod
Mgr Ops Supp
Mgr Output
Mgr Outsour
Mgr Payroll Sys
Mgr PC & Auto
Mgr Planning
Mgr Prod Svc
Mgr Prod Supp
Mgr Prop Mgt

Mgr QC
Mgr Rec Admin
Mgr Re-eng
Mgr Safety Prog
Mgr Sec & WS
Mgr SL Rept
Mgr Site/Shift
Mgr Site Mgt
Mgr Site Soft
Mgr Social Net
Mgr Soft Eng
Mgr Store Sys
Mgr Sys Soft
Mgr Sys & Prog
Mgr Tech Svc
Mgr Tco & WiFi
Mgr Train/Doc
Mgr Trans Proc
Mgr User Supp
Mgr Vend Mgt
Mgr Video/Web
Mgr Voice/ DC
Mgr Voice/WiFi
Mgr Waste Mgt
Mgr Web Cont
Mgr WFH Supp
Mgr WiFi Sys

Middle Management

Accounting Super
Assistant Controller
BYOD Support Super
Capacity Plan Super
Change Ctl Super
Comm Admin
Comp Ops Asst Mgr
Comp Ops Asst Sup
Comp Ops Shift Mgr
Comp Ops Shift Sup
Contract Mgt Admin
Cust Account Mgr
Cust Svc Coord Lead
Cust Svc Super
Data Comm Asst Mgr
Data Entry Supervisor
Database Admin
Desktop BYOD Super
DR/Spec Proj Super
HW Install Super
Info Ctr Mgr
PC Support Super
Network Svc Super
Procurement Admin
Production Svc Super
Proj Mgr Apps
Proj Mgr Blockchain
Proj Mgr Dist Sys
Proj Mgr EA
Proj Mgr ERP
Proj Mgr - Impl
Proj Mgr Net Tech Svc
Proj Mgr Systems
Proj Mgr Tech
Proj Mgr - Train
Record Mgt Coord
Super Help Desk
Super POS
Super POS Train
Super Safety Pgm
Sys Admin
Sys Admin - Lead
Sys Admin – LINUX
Sys Admin – UNIX
Sys Adminr – Windows
Voice Comm Mgr
Waste Mgt Coor
WiFi Net Admin
Word Proc Super


4th GL Specialist
4th GL Specialist Sr
Account Rep
Accounting Analyst
Accounts Payable Clerk
Administrative Asst
Android Programmer
Audiovisual Technician
Blockchain Analyst
Blockchain Developer
Business Analyst
Business Services Anal
BYOD Support Spect
Change Control Anal
Cloud Computing Arch
Compet Intel Analyst
Compliance Auditor
Comp Equip/Net Anal
Comp Operator Jr
Comp Operator
Comp Operator Lead
Cust Svc Coordinator
Data Analyst
Data Ctr Facility Admin
Data Entry Clerk
Data Security Admin
Database Specialist
Desktop Specialist
Desktop Technician
DevOps QC Specialist
DevOps Soft Eng
DevOps Ver Ctl Spec
DR Coord
E-Commerce Spec
E-commerce Coord
E-commerce Senior Coord
Enterprise Architect
ERP Architect
ERP Business Analyst
ERP Data Architect
ERP Decision Supp Anal
ERP Developer
ERP Functional Lead
ERP Infrastru Admin
ERP Master Data Analyst

ERP Process Owner
ERP Security Admini
ERP Security Analyst
ERP Sub Matter Expert
ERP Team Lead
ERP Technical Lead
ERP Trainer
Executive Secretary
Forms & Graphics Design
Hardware Install Coord
Help Desk Analyst
Help Desk Tech
HR Generalist
HR Specialist
Identity Mgt Pro Anal
Info Assurance Analyst
Info Security Analyst
Info Tech Associate
Internet Developer
Internet/Intranet Admin
IoT - Robotics Spec
IoT Solutions Arch
IT Planning Anal
KPI Analyst
LAN Apps Support Anal
Maint Contract Admin
Media Librarian
Metric Analyst
Net Admin
Net Cntl Anal Asst
Net Cntl Anal
Net Eng
Net Security Analyst
Net Svc Admin
Net Specialist
Net Specialist Sr
Net Technician
Object Prog
Object Prog Sr
On-Line Trans Proc Anal
Ops Analyst
Ops Analyst Senior
Ops Training Coord

Pandemic Coord
PCI-DSS Coordi
PC Specialist
Plan Admin
POS Coord
POS Hardware Coord
POS Senior Coord
Print Operator
Procurement Asst
Procurement Coord
Production Cnt l Anat
Production Cntl Anat Sr
Production Cntl Spec
Prog Assistant
Prog Senior
Quality Analyst
Robotics Technician
Security Architect
SEO Specialist
Social Media Spec
Software Engineer
Software QC Tester
Staff Accountant
Sys Analyst
Sys Analyst Senior
Sys Integrator
Sys Programmer
Sys Programmer St
Sys Support Spec
Sys Support Spec Sr
Tape Librarian
Tech Svc Specialist
Tech Specialist
Tech Specialist Sr
Teleco Techn
UNIX Prog Senior
Voice Comm Coordi
Voice Comm Spec
Voice WiFi Coord
Web Analyst
Web Site Designer
WP Operator
WP Lead Operator