Business Impact Analysis - BIA

Business and IT Impact Questionnaire is included with all of the Security, DR, BC, and Complaisance Offering or it can be acquired separately

Risk Assessment Methodology Compliant with ITIL Framework

BIA Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire

Business continuity focuses on keeping the business operating. Where disaster recovery tends to deal with systems and data, business continuity is focused on overall business operations. Typically business continuity involves prioritizing various business processes and recovering the most important ones first. Thus, disaster recovery is likely to be concerned with getting the entire storage network back up while business continuity is more likely to work on getting the parts dealing with critical processes like transaction processing back first.

Business impact analysis supports business continuity by attempting to decide which processes are the most critical to recover in case of a disaster. This usually involves assigning monetary value to the protection of assets involved in specific business processes.

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Sample BIA File Server Assessment Form

The Business and IT Impact Questionnaire is delivered electroncially in MS Word and PDF formats. Below is page one of two pages for the File Server assessment form.

BIA File Server Assessment Form

BIA Methodology

The typical organization has hundreds of applications all at different recoverability capability. For example some have no plan, some have out of region architectures some have not exercised in long time and some are in great shape testing every quarter.

All of the applications, operating systems, and hardware need to be categorizing so the Disaster Planning Team can start re-mediating the ones that place the enterprise at the most risk to the business from both a compliance and readiness perspective.

Using the BIA Questionnaire, an enterprise can identify and weigh each component that can impact the business. With that in hand it is possible to relate each to the enterprise's Critical Success Factor (CSF) and score their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Weighting business impact of each component


  • 6 = Critical to success of recovery
  • 3 = Required for timely recovery (could recover without but risk is increased)
  • 1 = Needed to support recovery but only minimal impact on recovery efforts

Scoring of the components business impact


  • Not in place or not implemented = 0
  • Completed but past the KPI deadline, not accurate or incomplete = 1
  • In place or completed on time = 3
  • Final rating for component

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