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P-SP119 / Business and IT Impact Questionnaire (Word / PDF)$189.00
The Business and IT Impact Questionnaire is designed to be used as part of a business impact analysis and / or risk assessment process. It has been updated to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27000 Series Standards, Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.
P-SP119-12 / Business and IT Impact Questionnaire (Word / PDF) with 12 months update service$249.00
P-SP119-24 / Business and IT Impact Questionnaire (Word / PDF) with 24 months update service$299.00

P-SP120 / Business and IT Impact Questionnaire ENTERPRISE Version$299.00
R-00083 / Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool$199.00
Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool comes in PDF, WORD, EXCEL, and ePub formats.

The forms were created to meet all of the US, EU and ISO mandated requirements. Included is a detail work plan for the Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

It comes with excel, MS WORD and pdf electronic forms which are completed in the threat/vulnerability assessment process - one per each physical location and one per each Business Process / IT Application. This is used to conduct a threat assessment and vulnerability analysis. Included is a mechanism to rank the risk of each facility and process.

P-SP010 / Disaster Recovery Plan (Business Continuity) Template$599.00
The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is provided in MS WORD, epub, and PDF format. It is a complete DRP and can be used in whole or in part to establish defined responsibilities, actions and procedures to recover the computer, communication and network environment in the event of an unexpected and unscheduled interruption. The plan includes 29 electronic forms, Business Impact Analysis tool, and a DR/BC audit program.
P-SP111 / Security Manual Template$529.00
The Security Manual Template - is provided in MS WORD, PDF, and ePub formats. Included are 7 job descriptions and 31 ELECTRONIC FORMS that will help you implement the policies and procedures in this electronic document.

BONUS - ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Audit Program in MS EXCEL and PDF formats.
R-00105 / CIO Productivity Kit Standard Edition$2,499.00
The CIO Productivity Kit Standard Edition contains our most popular products and saves you 50% off of the list price of the components.

    IT Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template in Word format.
    Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Template (DRP) in Word format.
    Security Manual Template (Word) format
    IT Service Management Template (Word) format
    Sensitive Information Policy (Word) format
    Internet and IT Job Descriptions in PDF and WORD files.
    Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Tool
    Business & IT Impact Questionnaire
    Internet and IT Salary Survey

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