Project Management Success Driven by Infrastructure

How to Manage Infrastructure and People Side of Projects

Project Management Success Driven by Infrastructure - Computer projects are viewed as success when they meet these key metrics:

  • Delivered on time
  • On or under budget
  • System works as required

Only a few projects achieve all three. Many more are delivered which fail on one or more of these criteria, and a substantial number are cancelled having failed badly.

Major projects fail more than half the time, according to industry research, and too often it's easy to blame the tech stuff instead of the people who really screwed up. Technology does not have feelings or a family to feed. But IT project managers and team members have figured out that human behavior is often the root cause of these failures.

The classic project pitfalls stem from shortcomings such as bad planning, a lack of focus or a dysfunctional work culture. The most frequent causes of failure are:

  • Lack of user involvement¬† and no strong user champion of the project
  • Implementation time-table longer than the normal enterprise operating cycle
  • Poor or lacking requirement definitions
  • Expanding or creeping project objectives scope
  • Lack of project life cycle methodology - no change or version control processes
  • Poor or inadequate testing
  • Poor user training and documentation
  • In sufficient implementation and conversion resources

To succeed project managers must manage their most important resources -- infrastructure and staffing. It's a jungle out there and project managers are fighting to survive. With countless man-hours clocked and billions of dollars spent every year on project tools, the success rate for projects remains astonishingly low. So what's the solution?

An infrastructure and people-centric process that works in conjunction with an organization's existing culture. Success is based on the seven characteristics of high-performance project teams -- transparency, accountability, communication, trust, integrity, leadership, and execution.

  • Take project teams out of their functional silos and transform them into a powerful, integrated force
  • Balance the expectations of customers, management, and project teams with the technical requirements of cost, schedule, and performance
  • Apply practical phase-by-phase project guidance to real-life situations
  • Avoid or minimize possible pitfalls

Every successful project involves someone in the trenches who has the infrastructure and people skills to match process with the capability of his team and organization.

Standard Edition IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Template

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Word Template with the following

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Summary
  • IT Governance Strategy and Charter Statement of Authority
  • IT Management Structure
  • Compliance
  • Personnel Practices
  • Controls
  • Application Development Standards
  • Service Requests
  • Local Area Network
  • Back-up and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Security
  • Access Control - Physical Site
  • Access Control - Software and Data
  • Facility Requirements
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 Audit Checklist
  • HIPAA Audit Program
  • Full Job Descriptions for
    • CIO large enterprise
    • CIO small enterprise
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Chief Mobility Officer
    • Chief Security Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Digital Brand Manager
  • Security Management Checklist
  • Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 Compliance Checklist

Premium Edition IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Template

IT Governancce Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Template - Standard Edition

IT Service Management Policy Template Standard Edition

  • Service Requests Policy
  • Service Request Standard
  • Help Desk Policy
  • Help Desk Standards
  • Help Desk Procedures
  • Help Desk Service Level Agreement
  • Change Control Standard
  • Change Control Quality Assurance Standard
  • Change Control Management Workbook
  • Documentation Standard
  • Application Version Control Standard
  • Version Control Standard
  • Internet Policy
  • e-mail Policy
  • Electronic Communication Policy
  • Blog & Personal Web Site Policy
  • Travel and Off-Site Meeting
  • Sensitive Information Policy

Gold Edition IT Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Template

  • IT Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter Template Standard Edition

  • IT Service Management Policy Template Standard Edition

  • Internet and IT Job Descriptions (MS WORD) over 300 individual files - one for each job description

  • Security Audit Program (MS EXCEL)

CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit - Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition of the CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit contains the following:

  • Gold Edition of the CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit

  • CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle containing the following procedures:
    • CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle (All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable)
      1. Backup and Backup Retention Policy
      2. Blog and Personal Web Site Policy
      3. BYOD Policy Template
      4. Google Glass
      5. Incident Communication Plan Policy
      6. Internet, e-mail, Social Networking, Mobile Device, Electronic Communications, and Record Retention Policy
      7. Mobile Device Access and Use Policy
      8. Patch Management Policy
      9. Outsourcing and Cloud Based File Sharing Policy
      10. Physical and Virtual Server Security Policy
      11. Privacy Compliance Policy
      12. Record Classification, Management, Retention, and Destruction policy
      13. Safety Program
      14. Sensitive Information Policy
      15. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Policy Template with Metrics
      16. Social Networking Policy
      17. Technology Acquisition Policy - includes mandated Vendor/Partner Questionnaire
      18. Text Messaging Sensitive and Confidential Information
      19. Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy
      20. Wearable Device Policy
      21. IT Infrastructure Electronic Forms
      22. Work From Home (WFH) & Telecommuting Policy

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