Web Advertising Rates

Web Advertising Rates - e-Janco Advertising Rate Sheet for web advertising on this site. Questions on pages that ads will print on should be routed to the contact listed on the bottom of this page. We reserve the right to approve ads placed on our site and to remove them if we deem them inappropriate. If we do that no refunds will be issued, rather a credit will be made available for the balance of the term of the contract.

All ads are prepaid will automatically expire after the initial commitment period. The images and text must be per-approved and appropriate for our sites. This is a business to business site and all advertising is directed to that audience. 63% of the viewers of e-janco.com are from the US the balance are international.

No data will be provided to the advertisers on particular users as that would be in direct conflict with Janco's Privacy Policy. See Privacy Policy. See also California Privacy Law.

Article Posting
We do accept articles for posting on our website. These will be in the subsection of the article (by year) at https://e-janco.com/articles.html. The rates and conditions are as follow:

  • All articles submitted should be on-topic for the website as defined by Janco's Chief Content Officer
  • Only one back-link to a site within the article other than Janco's site. The link should be to a business site. Excluded are gaming, vacation, timeshare, political, porn, and other non-business-related sites.
  • A single backlink from a non-toxic site that is of at least equal quality to e-janco.com - If the back-link is removed or the posting site is tagged as toxic, Janco at its discretion removes the article and/or back-link on Janco's website.
  • Payment via credit card or check for USD 50 before the article is posted.
  • Janco will publish the site to at least 5 social media websites within 5 business days of the article being posted.

Advertising rates

All advertising is paid in advance and all of the rates are in U.S. Dollars.

  • Graphic image 85 x 110 - static ad
    • Home Page - $1,000 per month 5 month commitment
    • Other single page - $600 per month 5 month commitment
    • Inclusion in emailed newsletter (40,000 opt-in subscribers) - Includes link on the Web version of the newsletter which will be active for 3 months for the graphic image.
      • Single inclusion $250
      • Six month commitment $1,000
  • Text Link
    • Home Page - $600 per month 5 month commitment
    • Other single Page - $200 per month 5 month commitment

Send all inquiries to:

Advertising Manager
e-mail at: Contact e-janco.com
+1 435 940-9300 option 1

NOTE: Janco is committed to maintaining the privacy of the users and subscribers to its sites. We are continually reviewing the compliance requirements placed on information and data which we acquire through the course of our day-to-day operations. As a practice we treat all of the content that we capture as if was confidential information about our firm. We do not want to be in a position where we compromise the privacy of individuals or enterprises that interact with us or our website. We take the process of following the "rules" as a primary focus of our enterprise and have strict rules, including termination of employees, if they do not adhere to our policies and procedures.

Janco complies fully the the EU's GDPR privacy policy and does not purchase and email address. See GDPR Compliance. In addition, we fully comply with the latest California Privacy Law. See California Privacy Law. As new privacy mandates and compliance requirements are legislated, Janco will as quickly as possible update its products to reflect these requirements. Please review the User Bill of Rights that are included it its compliance offerings. See User Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights is updated as required.

NOTE: Janco does not re-sell or re-distribute any personal information. All of these newsletters when sent out have an opt out feature. Individuals who opt-out will no longer receive any e-mail from the firm.

Janco Associates, Inc. is CAN-SPAM compliant and committed to protecting your privacy. For details, please see our privacy policy.