Testimonials and Product Reviews

Testimonials and Product Reviews are extensive and very descriptive of the firm, its service, and products.

Disaster Recovery Plan Template - David Schwalbe - Marquette Financial Companies USA - "Oh my goodness! You are awesome! I was prepared for this to take weeks to resolve. Rest assured that Janco will get my business again next time. " (David had a crash of his system and he needed to get copies of Janco's templates that had been lost - customer service was able to retrieve the exact copies of what he had ordered earlier and e-mail them to him in less than an hour)

Disaster Recovery Plan Template - Jose Hernandez-VP Strategic Business- Realtech USA - The Disaster Recovery Plan document from Janco provided my company with very valuable information, in a well written and organized document, which has saved us a lot of time by making the whole process of preparing a DRP clearer, quicker and easier to understand by all project team members.

Disaster Recovery Plan Template - Bob Rifenbury - MCSE/CCNA Laucks Testing Lab - The DRP Template saved me about 6 months of work!

Disaster Recovery Plan Template - Kelly Keeler - Martin's Point Health Care - I have received and I began using the template immediately. IT IS GREAT! Made this process a snap for me. Cut my documentation time down from weeks to hours! This document has made, what began to be an overwhelming process turn into a snap!

Disaster Recovery Plan Template - CIO $100MM sales company - "The DRP template made my staff look like hero's. After 9/11 we needed a DRP fast. The template jump started us and we had a preliminary plan in place within two weeks"

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ receives favorable notice in Computerworld; "This book was designed to be used rather than read. . "

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ receives favorable comments from users:

  • "Great quality -- the job descriptions are the best we have seen and meet all of our requirements. " - VP HR of a Fortune 500 company
  • "All of the Internet based positions are covered in this book - these are the best we have found. " - CTO of an e-commerce distribution company
  • "These job descriptions saved us months of time. We were able to use them to meet our requirements immediately" - CIO of an entertainment company

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ receives favorable notice from Diane Tunick, Gartner Group; "I think the book is terrific; it has already proved valuable in referring to some positions. I see some holes, though, as certain positions emerge: relationship managers, IT service quality managers, project integrators, IT asset managers, internal system integrator, etc. Now I'm getting ready to order the salary listings, too. "

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ receives favorable notice in CIO; "Now there's a resource to provide you with loads of details with minutiae to spare. "

MIS Compensation Study rates a "Career Watch" box in Datamation; The box, headlined "CIOs Rake It In," by David Simpson, gives a brief mention of Janco's influential and informative publication. See current IT Compensation Study Summary for details on this study and how to obtain it.

Janco receives favorable notice in Advanced Imaging; The article, "Making the Most of Still Images on World Wide Web Pages: If They Have to Wait -- It's Too Late," by Francis Hamit, discusses the successful partnership of Janco Associates, Inc. . and AST Research Inc. in the construction of AST's World Wide Web site.

Client Server Management receives favorable notice in The Best Practices Report; "The Client Server Management HandiGuide, by M. Victor Janulaitis provides a comprehensive set of policies for the important areas of client/server management. The book offers an excellent foundation from which managers can build their policies as they gain expertise. As Janulaitis warns, not having such a foundation could be a real liability for a manager" See The Best Practices Report