Download Instructions

The product(s) you purchased can be downloaded at

You will need your login name and password to download the files. Your login name is the e-mail address that was used when the product was ordered. If you have forgotten your password you can request that it be e-mailed to you at your e-mail address.


We assume that the user knows how to download files, execute a self extracting zip program, and have licensed copies of WORD if the user purchases the WORD version of our products. For adobe the user can obtain a free reader from

All of our products have been created and tested using Microsoft Office and Adobe Professional. If the user has older versions of that software it is their responsibility to get conversion software to use the products purchased.


Due to incompatibilities between Windows an iOS systems, self extracting zip files do not work on both. For that reason we are in the process of migrating to .zip files. These files are larger than the self extracting zips. It will take a little longer to download and then extract.

How to Use PDF electronic books

We no longer ship e-book dodcuments. We now just ship fully indexed PDF file. In order to see how to use them please go to