Obsolete Products - Replaced and Updated

Listed products have been obsoleted and replaced by other offerings which are more current

Janco is constantly updating it offerings. As such, various products are replaced, added to other products, or obsoleted because they no longer have reverence.

The firm maintains historical versions of all of it products and an can retrieve them if a client needs them for any reason. If a product is put in an archival state and a client has subscribed to our update service, the client will be notified and the subscription will be transfered to the new offering.

Obsoleted Offerings

Below is a list of Janco's products that have been obsoleted and replaced by newer and updated products. If you ordered this products with the update service it has been converted to the new offering. In addition, if you ordered one of these items you qualify for a special offer -- even if you did not order the update service. Contact our support desk by sending e-mail to: support@e-janco.com

Recently Updated Products

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