Top IT Security pros continue to command the highest salaries - 200K is not the exception

CSOs media salaries range from $144K to $191K based on the size of the company they work for

Security Policies

Due to compliance mandates and the move towards Internet-centric systems IT Security Pros command some of the highest salaries. Security professionals have the role of ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information processed by, stored in, and moved through information systems and applications belonging to the enterprise.

Much of the focus of these IT pros is sensitive information which is processed and maintained by the enterprise. Falling within this category are personally identifiable information and other compliance protected records; pre-release economic statistics; information provided by companies and individuals under the assumption of confidentiality; and pre-award contract financial information.

In addition, Cos are the ones ensuring the integrity of the enterprise information. This is key to decisions and actions taken based upon the data processed by, stored in, and moved through enterprise information systems. Operation management need to have the assurance that the information they use has not been manipulated, is not subject to repudiation, the source of the changes to information can be determined as best as possible. Also Cos, are the primary gatekeepers insuring the availability of the enterprise information systems and applications during routine operations and in crisis situations which support the Enterprise's Mission.

Security Pros - Salaries

CSO and Security Pros Salaries

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Latest Median IT Salaries

Latest Mean IT salaries
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Compensation is based on the scope of responsibility, which often relates to the size of the enterprise and the level of integration of electronic data with the enterprises operations.

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Over the past few years the role of CSO has become one of prime importance with the occurrence of major security breaches. The CSO and security team are now viewed as the first line of defense.

More information role of the CSO along with a full detail job description are available.

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