Top 10 Cities Where IT Pros are Being Hired

Where are CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, and IT Managers Being Hired

Looking at recent hiring data we have identified the top 10 metro areas that are hiring IT Pros. The Pacific Northwest and Bay Areas do not fall into the top 10. There is an exodus from those areas. Interestingly New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles still are showing active hiring.

top 10 hiring cities

This data for the chart above is preliminary and was collected by us for a specific client. Some of it will be included in our next IT Salary Survey.

We will continue to follow this as we begin to gather our data for our next IT Salary Survey.

NOTE: the table below is updated automatically with the latest IT salaries when a new salary survey is published. That happens every January and June. The historical data is available.

Latest Median IT Salaries

Latest Mean IT salaries
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New York City and Metro Area

New York continues to be a buoyant IT Job Market even though many organizations have exited the area. The financial services market is the primary driver of much IT hiring. Many companies still are allowing IT Pros to work from home (WFH), however, there is a major push by companies to get all of their employees to commit more time to working in the office.

At this point, it is not clear that New York will be a vibrant job market for CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, and IT Managers.


Florida has benefited from an influx of companies and skilled IT Professionals. Some of these pros are working from home for companies across the nation. As companies move to have employees work in offices, these workers may or will change jobs either to companies that allow for remote workers or to traditional organizations that are in Florida.

Pacific North West and Bay Area

Both of these job markets have fallen on bad times. IT Pros are not looking to relocate there. IT Pros who currently are there feel they will have to move if they want a better position. Holding back many in California are the many new “taxes” they have to pay to exit the state.

Other Factors

What will drive all of the markets for IT Professionals will be the economy. IT hiring has slowed and the prospects of an economic downturn still is high. As we look at the next few quarters, we did not see any major growth in the job market. Yes, there still be a demand for skilled IT pros in Blockchain, e-commerce, AI, and security. However, will that be enough to drive growth in salaries and prospects for IT Professionals?

Monthly Job Market Growth

Monthly IT Job Market Growth
Source BLS analysis by Janco Associates, Inc.

IT Job Market Growth Forecast
Latest YTD IT job market data - IT job Market Growth in Q1 2024 out performed Q1 2023 and the start of Q2. Note - In the current reporting period the BLS has reduced the number of jobs create by 14,100 and reported a growth of only 400 jobs. The adjustments make the number of jobs created in May insignificant at best and significantly over stated at worst.

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