Client Server Management more important than you think

Work From HomeClient Server Management more important than you think - Client Server technology is playing an ever increasing role information technology and enterprise operational systems. Yet there are many enterprises that have not fully defined how this architecture is to be applied and managed in enterprise. There are many areas were client server solutions need to have standards applied including:

  • Change Control
  • Security
  • Metrics and performance
  • Administration
  • Accounting

The Best Practices Report says, "The Client Server Management HandiGuide provides a comprehensive set of policies for the important areas of client/server management. The book offers an excellent foundation from which managers can build their policies as they gain expertise. As Janco warns, not having such a foundation could be a real liability for a manager."

The Client Server Management HandiGuide contains over 160 pages of practical ways to manage the Client Server operating environment. The Client Server Management HandiGuide is available in both PDF and MS WORD formats.

The book is divided into major sections:

  • Management - covers the structure and processes of managing a client/server environment
  • Technology - provides rules and guidelines for handling technology issues such as LAN management, Backup and Recovery, Application Development, and more
  • Asset Security and Control - which provides detailed policy on security and access control.

Product is Obsolete and replaced by IT Governance

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