10 reasons why you need a Chief Mobility Officer

The responsibilities outlined in the Chief Mobility Officer position need to be assumed by someone -- Should it be the CIO?

Here are ten reasons a chief mobile officer is needed:

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  1. To deliver mobility solutions for the enterprise to provide the necessary competitive edge before the competition and at least in a timely manner if the competition beats the organization there.
  2. To be the champion of  mobility solutions within the organization
  3. To improve organizational implementation productivity - by coordinating your mobile projects rather than allowing each department to develop its own mobile strategies.
  4. To limit exposure to unnecessary costs and risks by creating the business case for investments in excessive technology and understand the told compliance issues associated with all mobility activities
  5. To be the focal point for all mobility issues and coordinate activities  between IT and the other business units for all things mobile to ensure that the mobile strategies are meeting the needs of the business -- and that the right infrastructure is in place to support those strategies.
  6. To develop mobile computing policies and procedures for the use of mobile devices, BYOD initiatives, and mobile device management policies, including security, compliance, business continuity.
  7. To create a mobile implementation engagement guide to facilitate work across various business unit. This guide should include all the best-practices for implementing a mobile imitative in the enterprise for the ongoing development of mobile apps.
  8. To create a "mobile architecture blueprint" to manage your company's investments in technology and speed time to market. For retail and e-commerce companies, the mobile architecture blueprint lays out the issues around technology that IT has to solve so you can get your mobile apps to market before your competitors do.
  9. To identify mobile trends so your company doesn't waste time and effort on mobile initiatives that won't improve business processes or give you a competitive advantage. The Chief Mobility Officer can continuously enhance your mobile initiatives by listening to feedback from employees and by analyzing your company's data to make any necessary adjustments in your company's mobile strategies.
  10. To take the burden off of the IT department and place it were the mobility imitative will be a primary focus - the business unit.

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