Security Manual Template Update Released

The top 10 best practices for Ransomware protections if not followed expose a company's assets and reputation to unnecessary risk.

Security Manual Template - Update RELEASED
Ransomware Protection Best Practices

Security Policies

This version is over 250 pages long and is packed full of best practices and tools like Janco's priority industry standard Security Management Compliance check list and 25 completely new and updated electronic forms that can be used immediately.

New in the latest version are the following:

  • Added section on 10 Best Practices for Ransomware Protection
  • Updated to meet the latest mandated compliance requirements and ISO standards
  • Added section on Practical Tips for Prevention of Security Breaches and PCI Audit Failures
  • Added section on the risk assessment process
  • Added a User/Customer Bill of Rights for Sensitive and Confidential Information

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We continue to update this offering. Typically we provide 2 to 4 updates each year. Copies of the updates are available for download to customers who purchase the update service. Go to Update Security Manual.