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Security Manual Template - eReader update

eReader version for tablets and smart phones supported

Security Manual Template - eReader update - Three quarters of IT professionals fear their organization will become a victim of a cyber-attack. With today’s modern enterprise so dependent on digital infrastructures, the impact and frequency of major incidents has increased dramatically. In fact, 60% of large companies report major incidents occur at least monthly.

You need to have the best and most recent tool kit in your hands before your company becomes the next publicized victim. The Security Manual Template is the tool you need now.

The Security Manual Template is over 260 pages in length and has been updated to include

  • Best Practices and KPI Metrics for SIEM
  • Identity Protection
  • eReader format for tablets and smart phones

Over the past several years we have updated the template to meet the mandated and industry compliance requirements for organization of every size. With all of the checklists, policies, and electronic forms it is a must have tool for every organization.

The template is packed full with policy templates, checklists, punch lists and over two dozen electronic forms that can used right out of the box. Some of tools included are:

  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Security Violation Reporting Process & Forms
  • Security Audit Checklist
  • Employee Termination Process
  • Security Management Compliance Checklist
  • HIPAA Audit Program Guidelines
  • ISO Security Audit Checklist
  • Firewall Security Checklist
  • BYOD & Mobile Security Checklist

You have the option to get just the template (with or without annual update service) or with detail job descriptions.

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The documents are delivered electronically and have a suffix of .epub. These can be viewed on PC, tablets, SmartPhones, and Kindles.

All of these documents come with a active table of contents, are fully search-able, and can be shared across an enterprise's network.

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