Lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey

It is not too late to review your business continuity plan and processes - Janco's Template is the Industry Standard for DR/BC planning and execution

There are some lessons to be learned from Hurricane Harvey. The breadth and depth of damage associated with Hurricane Harvey is a reminder of the importance of developing, maintaining, and exercising corporate-level crisis management, emergency response, and business continuity plans. Add to those facts that many organizations, that were not located in Texas, depend on data centers located in Texas for their DR/BC plans. FYI, there were over 40 collocation data centers in Houston.

Companies that depended on those sites may be in trouble if a second hurricane hits the US mainland.

The latest version of the DR/BC Template includes:

  • DR/BC Audit Program to meet the latest mandated requirements
    • Updated to reflect EU and US state requirements for California and Texas
    • IoT audit requirements include in audit program
    • Social media and e-commerce added to audit program
  • Recovery life cycle after a "Major Event"
  • Best Practices for Backup
  • IoT back up
  • MS WORD based forms:
    • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Electronic Forms Bundle (9 forms
    • Safety Program Electronic Forms Bundle (9 forms)

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