Blog policy ready to implement

Blog and website policy update has just been released

Blog policy delivered electronicallyWith the increased use of social networks and dependence on the company's reputation, it is more important than ever that rules need to defined, approved, communicated and verified to everyone who is blogging and posting in the name of the company.

We have just not updated the Blog and Personal Website policy. Included are best practices to cover not only the authors of post, but also the controlling manager - the publisher.

As an added feature the policy comes in not only MS Word format but also in pdf and ePub (eReader) formats so that can easily be distributed to everyone who has a smartphone or tablet.

The template is only $179. If your staff had to develop this policy from scratch, you could spend upwards of 10 to 20 times that.

This is your head start. Order now and pay by credit card and you can have the policy template immediately.

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Enterprise IT Infrastructure Architecture Framework

Infrastructure architecture

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template 

The foundation of well-managed IT function is to have a well-defined strategy and charter that is the foundation for how the IT function operates. The latest version of the IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template is that core foundation and tool. IT now includes full job descriptions for the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and the Digital Brand Manager. In addition, it is provided in three formats: MS WORD, pdf, and ePub (eReader).

Every critical infrastructure issue is addressed in this must have tool. Some of the areas addressed are:
--  IT Management Structure
--  Personnel Practices
--  ERP and Omni Commerce
--  Compliance and Controls
--  Security and Access Controls
--  and much more

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