Hiring at an all time high - Interview Hiring Guide Released

IT Job Market Size Approaches 3.5 million in the U.S.

Hiring at an all time high - Interview Hiring Guide Released IT job market prospects are tied to the US national employment data -- Janco predicts that 85,100 net new IT jobs will be created this year. To support that the 2018 Versions of the Interview Hiring Guide and the Internet and IT Position Description HandiGuide has just been updated.

IT Job Market Growth is Flat - IT Pros Face Recessionary Job Market

Recent IT Job Market size - Recovery in full swing for IT Pros

IT Job Market Growth
Updated with the latest data

The Interview Hiring Guide is the go-to tool that every CIO, IT Manager and HR Professional needs to hire the best staff. Everything from phone screening to best practices in the interview process.

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IT Job Descriptions HandiGuide contains over 300 detail job descriptions. Three critical networking and e-commerce job descriptions are   Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Digital Brand Manager, and Social Media Specialist.

In this update Janco has:
  • Reviewed all the job descriptions to update compliance, social networking, and blockchain implications
  • Added section on sexual harassment
  • An updated electronic version of the Termination Checklist

New job descriptions included are:
  • Blockchain Developer
  • BYOD Support Supervisor
  • Data Protection Officer (GDPR requirement)
  • Information Assurance Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Manager Data Center
  • Manager Device Technology
  • Security Architect

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The long term IT Job Market size is depicted in the table below. Note this table is updated every month with the latest BLS data after it is analyzed by Janco. There are some striking facts that are clearly seen in the data. First, IT professionals in the Telecommunication sector of the job market have been impacted by the sharp drop in the number of positions that were available. Fortunately many of the IT pros in those positions were "baby boomers", as they retired the positions were not re-filled. Second the growth in the IT job market have been primarily in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services sector.

Historic IT Job Market Size

Historic IT Job Market Size

Data complied by Janco Associates with data as of May 2024

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