Top 10 Paid Positions Within IT

2020 IT Salary Survey Identified the Top 10 portions within IT - All are executive or middle management

Median salaries for IT Pros are higher in SMB than Large Enterprises

The 2020 IT Salary Survey identifies the positions that have the highest levels of compensation. Those positions are:

    1. VP Chief Information Officer -CIO
      SMB - $186K Large -$220K
    2. VP Security - CSO
      SMB - $145K Large - $182K
    3. VP Information ServicesIT Salary Survey
      SMB - $149K Large - $174K
    4. Director Systems & Programming
      SMB -$149K Large -$173K
    5. VP Technical Services
      SMB - $117K Large $172K
    6. VP Consulting Services
      SMB - $157K Large $165K
    7. Director Production/Data Center
      SMB $127K Large $164K
    8. Director IT Planning
      SMB $114K Large $151K
    9. VP Administration
      SMB $130K Large $136K
    10. Manager Computer Operations
      SMB $105K Large $128K

Each of these portions has a full analysis in Janco's IT Salary Survey. Included is a detailed analysis by city / metro area.

Top 10 paid IT Job Positions

Full job descriptions for each of these position are contained in Janco IT Job Descriptions offering and the IT Salary Survey Bundle.

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