Point and Click Job Descriptions

Now you can get 'em online, customized for any particular position

Point and Click Job Descriptions - EJobDescription.com specializes in government and tech jobs but plans to add other industries soon, says M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO at Janco Associates, Inc. , a management-consulting outfit that runs the site. Unlike its rival, this site requires no input from visitors. Each description comes loaded with essential job duties, educational requirements, and necessary skills and experience.

Find the title you want, add it to your shopping cart, and pay up. Prices range from $60 to $85 per description, and the company delivers your order via e-mail. Since launching the site in March, Foster says the site has pulled in roughly $10,000 in sales a week.

David Cooper used EJobDescription.com to get a clue about his own job. Five months ago, he was hired as a senior project manager by ServiSense, a Newton (Mass. ) startup that bundles household utility bills into a single monthly statement. One problem: Cooper didn't know what all of his duties should be, and frankly, neither did his bosses. He wound up buying two profiles at EJobDescription that outlined most of his responsibilities.

"With a startup, it's almost impossible to find one job description that covers everything you do," he says. After some cutting and pasting, Cooper presented his personalized job description to his bosses. They signed off immediately, and so far, have had no complaints about his work.

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