Firefox Doubles Its Browser Market Share - Netscape Flounders

The IT Productivity Center released Janco's April Browser Market Share Study. The IT Productivity Center also has its Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Kit and IT Service Management Template featured on this standard setting portal.

Janco's second quarter 2005 Browser Market Share Study finds that Firefox has doubled its market share. Victor Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco said, “In less than three months Firefox has grabbed over 10% of the browser market. In addition, based on conversations with a number of industry sources and Janco's projections, we feel that within the next quarter Firefox could have up to 25% of the browser market. ”

The study also found that Netscape's Version 8 (Beta) has had very limited success. “If the trend continues Netscape will be less than a footnote as a browser”, said Janulaitis. He also added that individuals who have tried both the new Netscape and Firefox almost all chose Firefox.

Survey findings and conclusions include:

  • Firefox is challenging Microsoft like no other competitor has done in quite some time.

  • Firefox and Mozilla have a combined market share of over 14%.

  • Attacks on browsers are moving many users to use the automatic update feature to get the latest browser versions.
  • A significant number of users are now looking to solutions other than Microsoft - thus Firefox looks to gain even more market share.

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