CIO Recovery Planning Tool Kit Released

Park City, UT - Park City, UT - With the recovery on the horizon, Janco Associates, Inc. has released its CIO Infrastructure Planning Tool Kit. The kit contains all of the elements that are required for CIOs to hit the ground running as the recovery starts to take hold and demand increases for IT services. The CEO of Janco, Mr. Victor Janulaitis said, “During a downturn, CIOs often had to make some unpopular decisions and that cost them the alliances they need to succeed. Based on our experience the highest attrition rates for CIOs is during a recovery. With a recovery, many enterprises feel they can afford a change at the top to get a new direction and improve the enterprise's IT operations. In order to succeed CIOs need to take proactive steps before it is too late. ”

Janulaitis said, “CIOs need to act well in advance of the recovery, and the end of a recession is often recognized only months after the fact. The most progressive CIOs and enterprises will turn to recovery mode before competitors by implementing a recovery plan right now. "

Janulaitis added, ". . .Most IT functions are operating at very high productivity levels and do not have any extra capacity to use when the recovery starts. Once the recovery occurs there were be huge demand for initiatives, projects, and staffing. CIOs who react too late will find they will not be able to meet the demands placed on them. "

The CIO Infrastructure Planning Tool Kit directs CIO how to get there organization in order by helping them meet several key objectives. Updating the organization infrastructure with IT Service Management (ITSM) and Metrics in mind; updating the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and how it will be applied with new initiatives; defining all of the responsibilities of the IT staff and support staff members; creating current job descriptions in place; and identifying the resources that will have to be hire (employees) or retain (contractors) once the recovery starts.

The CIO Infrastructure Planning kit comes in three versions: standard, silver, and gold. The gold version contains the IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template, the latest Janco IT Salary Survey, the IT Service Management for SOA Template, 283 IT Job Descriptions, the Internet and IT Job Descriptions HandiGuide , and a Functional Specification Template. These templates and job descriptions all come in MS WORD and are fully editable. More information can be found at

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CIO Recovery Planning Tool Kit

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