BYOD Policy Template Released

Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy added to the CIO Infrastructure Policy Bundle - MS Word

BYOD Policy Template Released - Janco Associates has just released it fourteenth policy in its CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle. This is part of Janco’s continuing effort to create a set of standard procedures that CIOs can implement to meet thechallenges they face as they adjust to the new ways that companies are using technology.

BYOD PolicyThe CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “As the use of personal mobile devices expands, IT executive are faced with the dilemma that either they support the use of personal mobile devices and maintain some control or the devices will be used and their companies will be a risk for data breaches and non-compliance with mandate requirements. " He added, “Blocking the access to the wealth of resources available to personal devices inhibits productivity and competiveness. At the same time allowing access without a set of rules puts the enterprise and its resources at risk. ”

The BYOD policy address the issues associated with sensitive data on personal devices, how they are backup, secured, and destroyed when need. In the addition the policy addresses what to do when an employee leaves, either voluntarily or involuntarily. An added feature is an electronic Access and Use Agreement that address the all of the legal  issues that arise out of the access of employee data by an employer. The policy and its electronic form have been added to the CIO Infrastructure Policy bundle and meets all of the mandated requirement of HIPAA, ISO, SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bailey, Electronic Communication Privacy Act (Stored Communications Act).

The CIO Infrastructure Policy bundle contains fourteen ready to use policies. They are: Backup and Backup Retention Policy; Blog and Personal Web Site Policy; Access and Use Policy; Incident Communication Policy; Internet, Email, Social Networking, Mobile Device, and Electronic Communication Policy; Mobile Device Access and Use Policy; Outsourcing Policy; Patch Management; Record Management, Retention, and Disposition Policy; Sensitive Information Policy; Service Level Agreement Policy; Networking Policy; Telecommuting Policy; and Travel, Laptop, PDA and Off-Site Meeting Policy.

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