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R-00561 / DevOps Job Description Bundle$399.00
DevOps Job Description bundle contains full job descriptions in MSWord (.docx), PDF, and eBook (.epub) format. Plus the career path definition for the DevOps positions from Janco's IT Job Family Classification System.

Included are job descriptions for Chief Digital Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Digital Brand Manager, Manager DevOps, DevOps Application Designer, DevOps Quality Control Specialist, DevOps Software Engineer, and DevOps Version Control Specialist. In addition it contains the Janco IT Job Family for DevOps - Blockchain - DLT.
R-00561-12 / DevOps Job Description Bundle with 12 months update$499.00
R-00561-24 / DevOps Job Description Bundle with 24 months update$599.00

R-00557 / Manager DevOps Job Description$70.00
Manager DevOps works in the IT and software world, creating new technology products, software, and other user services. A Manager DevOps is heavily involved in both the worlds of development and operations. DevOps managers may also be responsible for a staff or group of employees. The Manager DevOps plays a key role in the development of new ideas for products and services and manages the process of turning these ideas into realities. This includes participating in product brainstorming meetings, overseeing the creation of product mock-ups, and identifying possible design flaws until the resulting product is satisfactory. On the operations end, the DevOps Manager works to implement the processes by which the product will be produced on a larger scale and figure out how it will be distributed to consumers.
R-00559 / DevOps Application Designer Job Description$70.00
The DevOps Application Designer provides the technical design and direction in developing and implementing DevOps related application and issues, working through the prioritization process with the appropriate groups. The DevOps Application Designer is responsible for developing and maintaining the logical DevOps application designs that enable seamless information interoperability of all systems from transaction systems, document management systems, and information delivery systems.
R-00558 / DevOps Quality Control Specialist Job Description$70.00
The DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is responsible for maintaining and monitoring adherence to quality standards in the development and operation of DevOps applications. Quality covers both qualitative and quantitative measures as well as compliance. This includes complying with all mandated requirements such as GDPR, CaCPA, and HIPAA.
R-00556 / DevOps Software Engineer Job Description$70.00
DevOps Engineers are a combination of developer (Dev) and system admin professionals (Operations) who bridge the gap between developers and the IT team. The DevOps Software Engineer is responsible for the analysis of business, engineering and scientific problems and is charged with the documentation and development of well-defined methods, procedures, and programs in the delivery of practical systems solutions.
R-00560 / DevOps Version Control Specialist Job Description$70.00
The DevOps Version Control Specialist is responsible for managing the changes associated with DevOps applications including documentation, software, hardware, policies, procedures, and training.
R-00226 / Chief Digital Officer - CDO Job Description$99.00
The Chief Digitial Officer - CDO The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is responsible for overall direction of the digital strategy within the enterprise. At the same time the CDO is aware of the implications of IT and industry mobility and digital trends.
R-00251 / Chief Experience Officer - CXO Job Description$129.00
The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the executive responsible for the overall experience of customers, suppliers, partners, associates and internal staff to an organization’s products and services.
R-00235 / Digital Brand Manager$129.00
Word format job description for the Digital Brand Manager.

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