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R-00194 / COBIT Compliance Tool Kit$3,499.00

COBIT Compliance Toolkit contains all of the tools that are needed to meet the COBIT requirements. The kit saves you over $2,000 from the price of the individual products. The kit includes:

  • Compliance Management White Paper -- R-00201
  • Record Management Retention and Destruction Policy -- R-00188
  • IT Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template -- R-00156
  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template -- P-SP010
  • Practical Guide for IT Outsourcing -- P-SP121
  • Service Level Agreement Policy Template with Sample Metrics -- P-00872
  • Metrics for the Internet, Information Technology, and Service Management -- P-SP008
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) -- R-00108
  • Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide -- P-00880
  • Security Policies and Procedures -- P-SP111
  • Security Audit Program -- R-00182
  • Security Supply Chain ISO 28000 Audit Program -- R-00579
  • Business and IT Impact Questionnaire -- P-SP119
  • IT Salary Survey -- R-00554
  • R-00194-12 / COBIT Compliance Tool Kit with 12 months of update service$4,999.00

    R-00194-24 / COBIT Compliance Tool Kit with 24 months of update service$5,999.00

    R-00156 / IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template$629.00

    IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template defines the framework for the IT function. Included is a ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Audit Checklist and HIPAA Audit program. The template is over 133 pages and comes in MS WORD, pdf and ePub (eReader) formats and is easily modifiable. Includes full jobdescriptions for the CIO, CTO, CSO Chief Digital Officer and the Digital Brand Manager As an added bonus a fully bookmarked PDF version is included with this template.

    P-SP010 / Disaster Recovery Plan (Business Continuity) Template$499.00

    The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is provided in MS WORD, epub, and PDF format. It is a complete DRP and can be used in whole or in part to establish defined responsibilities, actions and procedures to recover the computer, communication and network environment in the event of an unexpected and unscheduled interruption. The plan includes 29 electronic forms, Business Impact Analysis tool, and a DR/BC audit program.

    P-00872 / Service Level Agreement Policy Template and Sample Metrics (Word/PDF)$299.00

    Service Level Agreement Policy Template (Word/PDF) Includes the SLA policy and sample metrics --over 70 metrics presented graphically in PDF format plus a Word Format job description for Directory IT Management and Control.

    This policy is also included in the CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle (R-00196) and the CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Premium Bundle (R-00206).

    P-SP008 / KPI Metrics for the Internet, IT, and Service Management PDF Version$599.00

    The Key Perfromance Indicator (KPI) Metrics for the Internet, Information Technology, and Service Management is over 300 pages, defines 540 objective metrics, and contains 83 Metric report that show over 220 objective metrics. An Adobe PDF document with electronic bookmarks

    The metrics cover all areas of the Internet and Information Technology -- including WIRELESS metrics. In addition, there are industry specific examples for financial services, distribution, manufacturing, education, entertainment, government, hospitality, insurance, medical, real estate and retail.

    R-00108 / IT Service Management for Service Oriented Architecture$999.00

    IT Service Management for Service Oriented Architecture Template contains standards, policies and procedures, metrics and service level agreement for the help desk, change control, and service requests. Individual policies included are Blog, BYOD, electronic communications, Sensitive information, and Travel and off-site meetings. It also contains a Business and IT Impact Questionnaire, and several electronic forms included. They are: Blog Compliance Agreement; BYOD Access and Use Agreement; Email employee Agreement; Internet Access Request; Internet and Electronic Communications; Internet Use Approval; Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement; WFH and Telecommuting.

    Also include in the core template are eight (8) full job description including :Vice President Strategy and Architecture; Director Electronic Commerce; Manager KPI Metrics; Manager Service Level Reporting; Manager User Support; Manager Vendor Management; Metrics Measurement Analyst; and,SEO Specialist.

    P-00880 / Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide (PDF)$999.00

    The Internet and IT Position Descriptions comes in PDF format The PDF book is over 900 pages in length and contains 320 Job Descriptions in addition to a Job Progression Matrix Template, Job Evaluation Questionnaire, Employee Termination Checklist (electronic form), and Position Description Questionnaire Includes positions from CIO, CSO, and CTO to Wireless, Metrics, Manaager AI, and Digital Brand Managers. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect technical competencies, jobs proficiency levels and meet compliance requirements of 2022.

    P-SP111 / Security Manual Template$529.00

    The Security Manual Template - is provided in MS WORD, PDF, and ePub formats. Included are 7 job descriptions and 28 ELECTRONIC FORMS that will help you implement the policies and procedures in this electronic document.

    R-00182 / Security Audit Program$299.00

    The Security Audit Program is provided in Excel and PDF formats. The Audit Program is IS0 28000, ISO 27000, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA compliant. It meets Massachusetts, New York, and California requirements.

    P-SP119 / Business and IT Impact Questionnaire (Word / PDF)$189.00

    The Business and IT Impact Questionnaire is designed to be used as part of a business impact analysis and / or risk assessment process. It has been updated to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27000 Series Standards, Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

    R-00554 / Salary Survey Mid-Year 2022$329.00

    The Compensation Survey draws on data collected throughout the year by extensive internet-based and completed survey forms sent to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The survey data reflects IT salaries in 78 major cities in the United States as well as 23 cities in Canada. The report is over 190 pages long and the data is provided in PDF format.

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