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R-00227 / C-Level IT Job Description Bundle - Word / PDF$429.00
P-00539 / Chief Information Officer CIO Job Description$99.00
R-00089 / Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Small Enterprise Job Description$99.00
P-00947 / Chief Compliance Officer CCO Job Description$99.00
R-00226 / Chief Digital Officer - CDO Job Description$99.00
R-00216 / Chief Mobility Officer - CMO Job Description$99.00
P-00539b / Chief Security Officer CSO Job Description$99.00
P-00656 / Chief Technology Officer CTO Job Description$99.00
P-00882.1 / Internet and IT Position Descriptions (Word and ePub Files)$1,099.00
SUB-005-12 / Update Service - Internet and IT Position Descriptions (Individual WORD file for each job description and eBook) - 12 months$599.00

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