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How to request funding for DRP BCP

In these tough economic times how can CIOs get the budget necessary to support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

The following steps should be taken when planning a presentation seeking to gain management support of a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity program.

  • Define the scope, objectives, and requirement - It is not enough to have an objective of getting more funding or gaining executive support. Define exactly how much funding is needed, or exactly what form the executive support should take.
  • Verify expectations - Define what management's expectations for the meeting are.
  • Focus on business continuity - It makes more sense to get the commitment for resources to achieve a 24-hour recovery time objective (RTO) than to demand the resources for a two-hour RTO and get nothing. The most common risks are the mundane ones - power failures, hardware failures, software failures, network failures and human errors - and it's easier to calculate the likelihood of one of those incidents than it is to predict a natural disaster.
  • Anticipate objections - realize that the number one objection is the cost, and prepare accordingly. Let the results of the business impact analysis (BIA) justify the "investment" (not "cost").
  • Prepare a competitive analysis - Executives care what their competition is doing. Annual benchmark studies and surveys are good sources of information on the investments in DPR/BCP being made by industry, by size of organization, etc.
  • Prepare examples of what has happened to others - Remind the executives of the regulations that affect their business, and the impact of not complying with them. Examples of such regulations are Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley. In addition,  research companies that have been damaged significantly in highly publicized news stories because of their failure to act responsibly.
    • Talk to your insurance company. Insurers maintain reams of statistics about likely incidents and their associated costs to get a sense of how risky it is to insure a particular company. Your insurer might be willing to share some of that data.
    • Check government Web sites. Government agencies will have historical data on events that have occurred in your area. The U.S. Department of Energy, for instance, provides statistics on power outages by location. The Department of Transportation keeps statistics on incidents involving hazardous materials. If you need data about incidents in other countries, one resource is the Web site of EuroStat, the European Union's official statistical agency.
  • Define the Risk/Reward of DRP/BCP - Research and develop the business continuity program's return on investment.
  • Package Resources - Work with vendors like Janco Associates who can package infrastructure solutions like the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template to accelerate the process and minimize the cost.
  • Get buy-in for key decision makers before you meet to ask for a decision - The effort will have greater success if key decision makers and other departments within the organization support the DRP/BCP program. The power of a presentation supported by key executives, marketing, IT security, physical security, human resources, facilities, and risk management is highly significant.

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The DRP template is over 200 pages and includes everything needed to customize the Disaster Recovery Plan to fit your specific requirement. The electronic document includes proven written text and examples for the following major sections of a disaster recovery plan:

  • Plan Introduction
  • Business Impact Analysis - including a sample impact matrix
  • DRP Organization Responsibilities pre and post disaster - drp checklist
  • Backup Strategy for Data Centers, Departmental File Servers, Wireless Network servers, Data at Outsourced Sites, Desktops (In office and "at home"), Laptops and PDA's
  • Recovery Strategy including approach, escalation plan process and decision points
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures in a check list format
  • Plan Administration Process
  • Technical Appendix including definition of necessary phone numbers and contact points
  • Job Description for Disaster Recovery Manager (3 pages long) - entire disaster recovery team job descriptions are available
  • Work Plan to modify and implement the template. Included is a list of deliverables for each task. (Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment)

There is a extensive section that show how a full test of the DRP can be conducted. It includes

  • Disaster Recovery Manager Responsibilities
  • Distribution of the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Maintenance of the Business Impact Analysis
  • Training of the Disaster Recovery Team
  • Testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Evaluation of the Disaster Recovery Plan Tests
  • Maintenance of the Disaster Recovery Plan

Click on the link below to get the DRP/BC sample pages now and make it part of your disaster recovery toolkit.

Order DRP BCP Template  Sample DRP BCP Template

Disaster Recovery Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Standard Edition

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.

  • Fully editable Disaster Recovery Business Continuit template
  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Audit Program - Compliant with ISO 27031, ISO 22301, and ISO 28000
  • Key job descripitions included
    • Chief Compliance Officer
    • Chief Experience Officer
    • Chief Mobility Officer
    • Manager Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    • Manager Disaster Recovery Manager
    • and more
  • Incident Communication Plan and Policy with BEST PRACTICES for
    • News Conferences
    • Media Relations
  • Social Network Checklist
  • Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. Electronic Forms that can be e-mailed, completed via a computer or tablet, and stored electronically including:
    • LAN Inventory, Location Contact Numbers, Off-Site Inventory, Pandemic Planning Checklist; Personnel Locations, Plan Distribution, Remote Location Contact Information, Server Registration, Team Call List, Vendor Contact Information, and Vendor/Partner Questionnaire
    • Added Bonus - Safety Program Electronic Forms -- Area Safety Inspection, Employee Job Hazard Analysis, First Report of Injury, Inspection Checklist - Alternative Locations, Inspection Checklist - Office Locations, New Employee Safety Checklist, Safety Program Contact List, and Training Record

Disaster Recovery Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Premium Edition

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template

  • 23 Job Descriptions (WORD)

    Chief AI Officer - CAIO, Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Security Officer - CSO, Chief Compliance Officer - CCO, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Mobility Officer, VP Strategy and Architecture, Director Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Director e-Commerce, Director Media Communications, Manager Disaster Recovery, Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Coordinator, Disaster Recovery - Special Projects Supervisor, Manager Database, Capacity Planning Supervisor, Manager Media Library Support, Manager Record Administrator, Manager Site Management, and Pandemic Coordinator

Disaster Recovery Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Gold Edition

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template - Full template with all of its attachments.

  • 324 IT Job Descriptions including all of the job descriptions contained in the Premium edition.

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DR BC SecurityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity & Security Manual Templates Standard Edition Includes

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template

  • Security Manual Template

DR BC SecurityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity & Security Manual Templates Premium

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template - Standard Edition

  • Security Manual Template - Standard Edition

  • 41 Job Descriptions including:

    CIO; CCO; Chief Digital Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Mobility Officer, CSO; VP Strategy and Architecture; Data Protection Officer, Director e-Commerce; Database Administrator; Data Security Administrator; Manager Data Security; Manager Database; Manager Disaster Recovery; Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity; Pandemic Coordinator; Manager Facilities and Equipment; Manager Media Library Support; Manager Network and Computing Services; Manager Network Services; Manager Site Management; Manager Training and Documentation; Manager Voice and Data Communication; Manager Wireless Systems;Capacity Planning Supervisor; Disaster Recovery Coordinator; Disaster Recovery - Special Projects Supervisor; Network Security Analyst; System Administrator - Unix; System Administrator - Windows

DR BC SecurityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity & Security Manual Templates Gold

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template - Standard Edition

  • Security Manual Template - Standard Edition

  • 326 Job Descriptions which includes all of the job descriptions in the premium edition

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