Top 10 predictions for 2016 and beyond

Top 10 Predictions for technology and the IT job market in 2016 and beyond:

  1. IT Governance Infrastructure StrategySuccessful enterprises will understand how technology impacts the business cycle - Businesses will be thinking creatively on how to bring in new customers and take advantage of the information available to them with the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things.
  2. Remote and mobile-only users will drive next generation applications - Specialists who can design and implement "responsive" mobile friendly sites will be prized.
  3. Multimedia applications will drive the next wave of productivity - With the expansion of streaming services there will be a need to improve network backbones to be more secure, reliable, and resilient. When data pipes fail, business operations are interrupted. Add to that the need for better recovery processes, compression tools, players, and applications, demand will be high for experienced individuals.
  4. Cloud processing, network systems and data communications analysts will have the greatest demand - With the continued growth in streaming services, Cloud processing, the Internet of Things, and big data analytics, networking and data will become even more crucial to the enterprise. Experience in those disciplines will be key to compensation and ability to progress
  5. E-commerce applications will drive up the value of security expertise - In the last half of 2015 it was estimated that more products were sold on the Internet than in brick and mortar stores. In addition with continued rise of mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay, will drive up the need for businesses to further tighten network security. As more companies accept mobile payments, they will be on the lookout for experienced security specialists.
  6. IT JobFamilies Big data will continue to expand - Big data tools like Hadoop and its derivatives will be in high demand. Not only the capture but the storage and retrieval of meaningful data in a proactive manner will be in high demand. Big data requires specialized skill sets, heavily focused on managing complex resources, operating multi-location applications, and aggregating and analyzing massive data stores.
  7. Internet of Things will expand at a rate that will require more dedicated resources - With IoTs increased importance demand for knowledgeable individuals will explode.
  8. Consulting and contractor demand will rise - Drivers will be new technology skills and cost containment. Individuals who have in demand skills will be able to fine work as independent freelancers.
  9. Social networking will be in a state of flux - Social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, will adapt to have new ways to bring people together and to bring people and businesses together. Those who are at the forefront of this evolution and understand how to create links that generate revenue versus followers will be in market
  10. Cyber warfare, both political and economic will be in the rise - The implications of this are extensive. Security, backups, business continuity, and data redundancy are just some of the specialties in IT job market will be in high demand.

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