Top 10 CIO Staffing Issues

With the economy improving staff and staffing issues are front and center for many CIOs

Top 10 CIO Staffing Issues - With the rapidly advancing economy the IT job market there is increased demand for experienced IT Pros.

In a recent survey of over 150 CIOs, CFOs, and HR professionals we have identified key CIO staffing Issues that are different than those we reported on earlier.

The percentages shown are for the number that said those were issues they were facing.

Top 10 CIO Staffing Issues - 2018
Updated with Janco's latest survey data

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  1. Retaining existing staff (67%) - The IT job market is booming and employees, for the first time in several years have an opportunity to move around. CIOs need to manage the staff's they have so the resource problem does not exacerbate itself.
  2. Recruiting new staff (65%) - Budgets for IT initiatives have increased significantly over the past two quarters and the budgets for the new year will be higher yet. CIO need to recruit qualified professionals as quickly as possible.
  3. Training staff in new technologies (55%) - During the downturn of the economy, training was an area that was cut by many organizations. That needs to be addressed quickly - if not then the chance to meet the objectives of the new year will be reduced.
  4. Providing competitive compensation (37%) - Salaries are increasing as demand for qualified IT pros increase. It will not be unusual for pay ranges to go up by 5 to 10% from current levels
  5. Maintaining and improving existing productivity and service levels (34%) - With the impending changes the IT organization needs to keep it "eye on the ball". Change can cause a loss of focus
  6. Providing competitive benefits (32% )- General benefits and perks for all employees have been constrained in the last few years and employees have borne more of the cost (i.e. health insurance deductible and employee share of costs have gone up).
  7. Reducing employee burn-out (27%) - With the earlier focus on productivity and reducing costs and the current focus on implementing new technologies many IT professionals are working well in excess of 45 to 50 hours a week for several quarters.
  8. Managing organization culture (24%) - With the current economic boom IT organizations have a new focus and direction. Added to that are the issues associated with the millennial generation, over time, organizational changes and the existing culture and environment will be altered.
  9. Providing viable career path (22%) - Employee mobility is a strong motivator and having good career paths is necessary to achieve this. Millennials present a number of issues in this area.
  10. Utilizing social networking in the recruiting process (21%) - There is a new world out there and social media is now one of the key components in the recruiting process. The HR funciton needs to be geared to utilize social media effectively.

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