Telecommuting KPI Dashboard is key to managing at home workers

Covid-19 drove many companies into the telecommuting enviroment and they were not prepared

Covid-19 was the driver for "at home" work. Mobile computing was well on its way and mandy companies already had the infrastructure in place to support both its intenal and external users. A capacity issue as well as a time and attendence managment were things that were often forgotten.

One company that addressed this issue headon was CornerBowl Sofware. They had an existing windows based log monitoring system. Some of the features they have added to the application are:

  • Dashboard which is easily understood by non-technical managers.
  • With dashboard the ability to review potential technical risk.
  • Ability to identify which users are logging on to the system and when.  Inversely, the ability to see which users are not logging on
  • Ability to spot attempts to breach the enterprise system via failed logon attempts
  • Ability to download a “normalized” security log to do a detailed analysis with common tools like MS Excel
  • Ability to go back in time to see the history of users or events to meet compliance mandates.
  • A tool to identify capacity requirements driven by telecommuter demand via detail analysis of exported files with tools like MS Excel. (I do not understand what you are talking about here. 
  • Ability to identify training focus for users based on activity
  • Management of the telecommuting workers via customized reports

KPI Telecommuting Monitoring Dashboard

Event Log Monitor Dashboard


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