Gender Gap in IT Survey

Gender Gap is Narrowing in IT

Gender Gap is narrowing in IT according to the latest data collected and analyzed as part of the semi-annual IT Salary Survey. A gender gap continues to exist within IT organizations but is narrowing. Of the IT professionals paid over $110,000 they are more likely to be men the women. At the same time, women are a greater percentage of those paid under $60,000.

Gender Gap in IT

When we look at the roles that women play within IT, 42% of the women who are in IT now are project managers, middle managers and CIOs. One quarter of women IT pros feel are paid the same for similar jobs versus versus men (42%) who feel women are paid the same.

Of the IT professionals who are paid more than $110,000 women seem to be closing the gap. In our survey we are finding that 23% of the women in IT make more than $110,000 or more versus 38% of the men.

Mean IT salaries
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Our on the objective side our other preliminary findings are:

  • 10% of women say there is a glass ceiling in IT, compared to 24% of men who say a ceiling exists.
  • 75% of women say female IT workers face different career challenges than their male counterparts, compared to just 45% of men who feel the same way.
  • 14% of females say being a woman presents an advantage in the IT industry, compared to 33% of men who say it is.
  • 25% of women in IT say they're equally compensated for their work compared to men, as opposed to 42% of males who say women are equally compensated.
  • 84% of females in tech say the industry needs more women, compared to 60% of men who agree.
  • 46% of women in tech say a role model/mentor is necessary for a successful career, up from last year.
  • 87% of female IT Pros have recommended (or would) IT as a career to family members. Only 81% of men feel the same.
  • Career Satisfaction drivers for Women in IT remain approximately the sane as in our prior surveys:
    • Being challenged (35%)
    • Flexibility (24%)
    • Compensation (25%)

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