Top 10 Telecommuting Management Best Practices

Covid-19 shutdown has driven most companies to have at home workers drive enterprise operations

Telecommuting PolicyAt home workers are now the rule of the day. In addition to having policies in place for telecommuters, enterprises need to ensure that what is being done is what should worked on. Customer service is key, at the same time management of human and technical resources should be focused on.

The top 10 telecommuting Best Practices are:

Have a plan for what each telecommuting employee should be working on with a time schedule

  1. Have a plan for what each remote worker should be doing with a time schedule for deliverables.
  2. Have every employee report to their manager daily, with a brief email that lists his or her achievements, upcoming goals, and any obstacles that may be in the way.
  3. Have managers focus on removing obstacles and keeping the remote workforce productive.
  4. Have managers create KPI metrics that capture results and communicate status up and down the organization.
  5. Make sure every manager has at least a weekly, if not daily, video conference with their team.
  6. Build team morale and keep people focused on business goals.
  7. Monitor security and compliance for all access and use of sensitive enterprise information.
  8. Have the IT help desk focus on the remote workforce. Provide tips to the employees on how to manage clogged Internet connections. For example, ask others on the same Internet connection to pause the movie they’re streaming while video conferencing with others.
  9. Management team members should engage the teams in discussions about how they will emerge stronger with a remote workforce. What can the team do to improve customer satisfaction, the supply chain, order processing, etc.?
  10. C-Level executives should work with their leadership teams and Board of Directors to start shaping a new strategy. There is time to adjust or redefine, enterprise strategy.

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