5 Most Difficult IT disciplines CIOs are looking to fill

Employment picture for IT pros is improving. Some disciplines are in higher demand than others.

With the onset of shutdowns and the resulting re-openings, CIOs are having difficulties filling position with require these disciplines.

  1. Security – Work From Home (WFH) and move to cloud without much planning during the pandemic has altered the landscape of security exposure. At the same time cyberattacks are on the rise and ransomware continues to be an on-going concern.
  2. AI/machine learning – the next new wave of technology will be in these areas.  Companies are looking to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve sales and marketing, identify and protect sensitive information, and automate enterprise operations. Few organizations have existing in-house staff that can leverage that technology.
  3. Data Analytics and Data Scientist - Massive amounts of data can and is being collected.  Organizations are looking for individuals that have talent an experience in that area so that those assets can be leveraged effectively.  Also included in this discipline are individuals who have SEO expertise.
  4. Dev Ops and ERP managers and planners – The move away from brick and mortar to Internet based applications has only increased the importance of those positions.
  5. Cloud applications and integration – More data and applications are defused across multiple platforms.  Integration and security are primary concerns as well as normalization and standardization of the “user experience”.

    Positions in demand
    Updated with the latest IT Salary Survey Data see IT Salary Survey post pandemic

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