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Become A Survey Participant - Janco Associates, Inc. has published a bi-annual information technology compensation survey since 1980.

Participate by providing us valid data and we will be able to download a complimentary copy of the summary results upon its completion. In addition, you may be eligible to purchase the full study at a significant discount.

To participate, you can download our participation excel spread sheet1 or click and send it to us via e-mail.

Provide data by going to Provide Data. Enter data for 10 job titles to qualify for a free copy of the entire study. Typically it will take at least 5 business days for us to verify your data.

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1. You can qualify for a complete free copy of the PDF version of the study, if your enterprise provides at least ten valid data points as determined by Janco. All other participants will qualify for the summary of the study only.

IT Salary Survey - Over 40 years of concise data

The Compensation Study utilized data from Janco Associates Compensation Database for Information Technology professionals.  This database contains compensation information on many firms across the United States and Canada.  The database is classified by normalized job position, taking into account similarities in job function and responsibilities, rather than merely job title.

From this database, compensation benchmark ranges are established for each normalized job position.  In analyzing the study data, the upper and lower quartiles are eliminated to determine Janco’s Benchmark Ranges.  The benchmark ranges are then used to assess the alignment of a company’s actual compensation to the marketplace for each job function.

The Janco Benchmark represents our assessment of the compensation level required for organizations to remain competitive and minimize the risk of losing employees to other organizations.

Reviews were conducted from the standpoint of a comparison of base salary and, when appropriate, from the additional standpoint of total compensation.  Total compensation is determined by adding the budgetary bonus amounts and an equivalent cash value for “above-standard” compensation to an individual’s base salary.

The Compensation Study data was divided into two categories.  Large companies are companies whose gross revenues are equal to or greater than $500 MM or more than 1,000 total employees.  Mid-sized companies are companies whose gross revenues are less than $500 MM and less than 1,000 employees