PSR Reviews - Volume I Number 1

Today Business Focus On Cost Reduction And Productivity Improvements

Successful CIO's are leaders in bottom line management and cost containment

The majority of the new projects that PSR has undertaken in the last quarter are of a cost reduction nature. Most of the firms we have contacted are looking for ways to improve the bottom line through the effective use and application of technology.

Interest has ranged from a replanning of the infra-structure of a growing organization to take advantage of the technology that already is in place to the review of actual voice/data communication architectures to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Service is still one of the most critical success factors of most CIO's. There continues to be a focus on project management for Mission Critical projects in major organizations (see Quick Results From Mission Critical Project Management). One international firm was able to reduce the size of its distribution and administrative support organizations by over 12% - resulting in a real dollar savings of several millions of dollars (see Strategic Planning A Driving Force In Cost Reduction). Other firms were able to reduce their overall voice/data communications costs by over 15% in less than four weeks. A proactive program of cost reduction is seen by many CIOs as the best way to position themselves.