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Compensation goes up by 5% to $280,000 for top MIS executives

Other data processing salaries increase only 1.5% on the west coast....

The results of our 10th annual west coast MIS (Management Information Systems) compensation study were just released. The total compensation (mean) for the top data processing executives was $280,000 for large companies (revenues over $500MM) and $159,710 for medium sized companies (revenues less than $500MM). This represents an increase of 5.02% from last year.

The salary ranges for middle level and other top level positions have shifted downward from 2% to 5%. At the same time, the averages have remained the same. This reflects a shift in the actual number of individuals in those positions. Downsizing and the recession have eliminated a number of positions, while the individuals remaining are typically more senior.

A significant number of lower level positions have been eliminated in many medium sized and larger companies. Salaries for this group have remained flat for the last twelve months.

The survey was conducted in the third quarter of 1992. Thirty-seven (37) west coast data processing organizations and forty-three (43) positions were surveyed. These positions are fully described in the "Position Description HandiGuide (r)" that can be purchased on our web site..

The population of the survey was 4,625 individuals.

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