Social Media Specialist Job Description

The world is changing and social media now is the driver for enterprise and brand reputation

IT Job DescriptionsThe Social Media Specialist leads community management, content creation and executes social media programs across all the enterprise's social media channels to support the enterprise's brand. The Social media specialist communicates with the public through platforms that allow users to create and share content on-line. They run their employers’ social media accounts, working to build a brand’s reputation.

Problems and Challenges for Social Media Specialist

The major challenge for this position is defining the social media presence of the enterprise’s brands and products while balancing digital assets and computing services with financial and marketing needs. This is accomplished with the use of technology that supports both self-generated brand awareness and growth. Seamless integration of social media and marketing assets from the customer, through product and service design, through financial statement and management reporting is a primary concern.

Social media presence is the focal point for this position within the enterprise. The Social Media Specialist insures the continued success of these areas while simultaneously minimizing costs and maximizing marketing and advertising performance.

The job description provides a specific list of accountabilities including:

  • Editorial Management
  • Community Management
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Best practices and processes
  • Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
  • Innovation

The entire job description is over 1,500 words.

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Social media presence is the focal point for the Social Media Specialist within the enterprise. They insure the continued success of enterprise and brand reputation while simultaneously minimizing costs and maximizing marketing and advertising performance.

This job description is included in Janco's Social Networking Policy, the CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle, and the IT Job Descriptions.

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