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  • Approved ERP projects increase IT staffing requirements
  • Mid-Year 2012 IT Salary Survey Released

Approved ERP projects increase IT staffing requirement

ERP is one area that CFOs and CIOs agree on -- ERP specialists are in demand

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution integrates and organizes an enterprises' data into a single comprehensive platform. ERP systems enable organizations to integrate all business management functions: accounting and finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management, project management, customer relationship management and more. Implementing an ERP system allows you to access the required information needed in real-time to make informed decisions, with the accuracy of precise data from across your organization.

ERP systems are intended to form the transactional backbone of the major functions of an organization. They typically integrate operations, accounting and finance, human resources, customer service, procurement, and other major business functions into a single comprehensive system.

ERP Staffing Recommendations

Staffing Recommendations

Recommended staffing levels for ERP support staff in the development mode is 1 ERP staffer per 31 employees if multiple vendors are used and 1 ERP support staff per 40 employees if a single vendor is used. The industry average for implemented ERP solutions is between 1 ERP staffer per 50 to 80 employees. In a number of SAP implementations typically 50% of the ERP staff are implementers.

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Mid-Year 2012 IT Salary Survey released and shows employment and compensation picture for IT Professionals is not improving

A net gain of only 3,400 jobs in June - versus the 6,600 jobs added in April and 200 in May - Salaries are up less than 1%

Janco has found that market for IT Professionals continues to struggle.  IT reflects the malaise of the US economy and added only 3,400 IT jobs in June while the total job market increased by 80,000 in June versus 69,000 in May and  115,000 added in April. At the same, the number of individuals still looking for jobs is at record low levels at a participation rate of 63.8% -- the lowest it has been since 1980.  In California the overall unemployment rate is 10.8% and Nevada tops that with an unemployment rate of 11.6%.  The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Victor Janulaitis said, “With low hiring demand and low participation rate the picture is not pretty for recent IT graduates and other IT professionals looking for new jobs. With that in mind employers are under little pressure to increase compensation.”

Employment Participation

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