Increased demand for IT Pros prompts release of the IT Hiring Kit

IT Hiring Kit released and now contains everything that is needed by CIOs and HR managers to successfully recruit, hire, and retain the right IT Pros in this tough market

Increased demand for IT Pros prompts release of the IT Hiring Kit - Janco Associates has just updated its IT Hiring Kit. The kit includes 324 full IT job descriptions, Janco's IT Salary Survey, and the Interview and Hiring Guide with two critical electronic forms - Background Check Authorization Form and Interview Questionnaire Form. This product is part of Janco's continuing effort to create a set of standard 'Best Practice' processes and documentation that CIOs can use to better manage the technology function in their enterprises.

IT Job DescriptionsThe CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, "It is important for the success of an organization that it find and hire individuals who can succeed. From exit reviews of unsuccessful individuals and reviews with their managers', we have found ten reasons why new hires failed: job responsibly nor clearly defined, cultural, employee does not take direction, employee does not listen, project lost sponsorship / funding, dishonesty, failed to deliver results, employee not team person, employee motivation, and employee non-work related issues. The IT Hiring Kit addresses many of these. "

The CEO added, "Demand is up for IT pros with over 131,000 new jobs created in the last 12 months. CIOs and IT departments are now actively increasing the number of requisitions to hire. This is creating a demand for an efficient and effective recruiting, hiring and retention process. " Janulaitis expanded by saying, "Recruiting and hiring put a strain on IT infrastructure as those processes need to have current job descriptions, compensation levels by metro area, and a standard process which not only helps to improve the chance that the right IT Pros are recruited, hired and retained but also meets all mandated compliance requirements with a minimization of legal exposure.

The IT Hiring Kit comes in four versions, ranging in price from $579 to $1,789 with 12 months of update service available from an additional $239 to $599 annually. The primary difference in versions is in the number of detail job descriptions provided in MS WORD format and wither the IT Positions Descriptions HandiGuide is provided in PDF format.

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