Electronic forms for all aspects of technology management now available

Electronic FormsAll 100 of the forms has just been updated

Electronic forms for all aspects of technology management now available - The electronic forms contained within the CIO IT Infrastructure Bundle have been updated.  Most are in MS Word format and a few of the specialized forms are in Adobe Acrobat or MS Excel format. They meet the latest compliance requirements for state, federal, EU, and ISO. The forms include:

  • IT Infrastructure - 33 forms
  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity - 9 forms
  • IT Service Management - 7 forms
  • Records Management - 13 forms
  • Records Retention - 26 forms
  • Safety Program - 9 forms
  • Threat / Risk Assessment -  3 forms

You have the option to order just the forms, or the forms with 12 or 24 months of updates

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CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle update is in process

The bundle contains over 100 IT best practices and meets all compliance requirements. Included are:

  • Top 10 Technology International Tips
  • How to create a WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) strategy
  • Best Practices for Text Messaging Sensitive Information
  • Legal considerations of Google Glass and other Wearable Devices
  • Federal Computer Security Incident Handling Requirements
  • Best Practices to Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist
  • Top 10 Cloud and Outsourcing SLA Best Practices
  • ISO Compliance Requirements
  • Legal definitions for records management compliance
  • Generic Service Level Agreement Template
  • Tips on how to avoid being scammed on social networks
  • Telecommuting risks faced by the business

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