Technology Acquisition Policy added to CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle

Updated - eReader document that can be shared on Tablets, Smartphones, and desktops

Gain control over your IT realm! Download a collection of Janco's IT infrastructure and policy templates. Each can be modified to align with your needs. This comprehensive collection comes with a variety of highly-researched tools that will help you develop a complete guide that fits the unique needs of your organization and provides tools and suggestions for policy communication and enforcement.

Policies include:

  • Top 10 Technology Travel Tips
  • How to create a WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) strategy
  • Technology Acquisition Policy - Added after 2017 disaster events
  • Best Practices for Text Messaging Sensitive Information
  • Legal considerations of Google Glass and other Wearable Devices
  • Federal Computer Security Incident Handling Requirements
  • Best Practices to Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist
  • Top 10 Cloud and Outsourcing SLA Best Practices
  • ISO Compliance Requirements
  • Legal definitions for records management compliance
  • Generic Service Level Agreement Template
  • Tips on how to avoid being scammed on social networks
  • Telecommuting risks faced by the business
  • Plus much more.

Over 65 electronic forms are included in the premium offering. All of the forms have just been updated.

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