IT Job Descriptions - MS Word Format 

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide

IT Job Descriptions320 Job Descriptions as individual files in MS WORD, PDF, and ePub which are easy to modify. Long file names have been used to make customization easier. In addition, there is a single PDF file that contains organization charts and the job descriptions divided into manageable categories - Executive, Senior Management, Middle Management, and Staff.

Featured are:

  • Jobs descriptions that are gender neutral
  • Job description which meet all mandated US, EU, and International requirements
  • Addresses Work From Home, Social networking, mobile computing and much more

Job descriptions include

  • CIO
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • CSO
  • Digital Brand
  • Manager Manager Blockchain Architecture
  • Several Blockchain positions
  • Manager DevOps
  • Several DevOps positions
  • System Administrators (Windows, UNIX, and Linux)

Each job description is between two (2) to eight (8) pages in length and has been created utilizing CSS style sheets. As such they are "out of the box" ready to use with little or no modification other than organization specific customization.

CIOs for Fortune 100 company says

"This is a must-have tool. Hard to find viable job descriptions like Blockchain Developer are included. Janco's job descriptions saved my company thousands of dollars. It eliminated the need to create the detail job descriptions to set salary ranges, career paths and provided a framework for positions we were recruiting for."

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