IT Management Tool Kit - Over 2,400 pages
Infrastructure Best Practices & Tools

IT Management Toolkit CIO management concerns are constantly changing but the solutions are always centered around three factors: technology, infrastructure and people

This tool kit has been updated to reflect changes to the IT Infrastructure caused by the Pandemic - including WFH and Cloud processing. It meets all of the EU's GDPR mandated requirements and reflects all of the requirements of the California Privacy Act. It contains a Privacy Compliance Policy with its associated electronic forms and job descriptions.

The IT Management Tool Kit components are over 2,400 pages in length is provided in MS WORD and PDF formats and includes the following:

  • Security Manual Template
  • How to Guide for Cloud Processing and Outsourcing
  • IT Job Family Classification HandiGuide
  • All of the Job Descriptions as individual MS Word files
  • Interview and Hiring Guide
  • Latest IT Salary Survey
  • IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle plus Electronic Forms
  • Business and IT Impact Questionnaire
  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Tool

Top CIO Management and Planning Priorities

In a recent survey of CIO and C-Level executives Janco identified the top 10 management and planning priorities that CIOs face and they relate to the three areas mentioned above.

Top 10 CIO Management and Planning Priorities

Change from what was originally published - Updated to the latest data

Top 10 CIO Management and Planning Priorities

Survey conducted by Janco Associates, Inc. identified the the management and planning priorities that CIOs and CFOs have. CIOs and CFOs were asked to list and rank their top 5 management and planning priorities. 142 companies participated in the survey and included both large and mid-sized companies that had at least 150 professionals under their direct control. Most recent discusion of this can be found on the site. Use the search option to find topics.

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Top CIO Management and Planning Priorities - 2022

The top 10 concerns are the areas of focus for CIO and enterprises:

  1. Security and Hacking - Internal and external threats are on the increase, especially as enterprises continue to increase the growth of mobile and wireless based applications.
  2. Staffing - That was the top priority in January at 95% saying it was a priority versus 63% in 2021.
  3. Identity Protection - Protection of user identities who access the enterprise's IT infrastructure
  4. Access Management - Network management and control now have an even greater role than before. In 2021, 67% of the individual interviewed placed that in the top ten. Now it is priority for 70%.
  5. Mobile Computing - Mobile and end user computing require applications to be outward facing, functional on a myriad of devices, and user friendly for WFH staffers. Now is a priority for 70% of the interviewees versus 67% in 2021.
  6. Work From Home - Was not even on the radar before the pandemic and continues to remain in the top 10.
  7. Budget Management - Important as inflation takes off and the recovery from the pandemic takes hold
  8. Compliance - With the expansion of the infrastructure to address eCommerce and WFH this is a major issue
  9. Skills for New Technologies - Along with staffing this now is a top 10 priority. The focus has shifted from new technologies except in the areas associated with the remote workforce
  10. Data Privacy - With the rise of WFH, GDPR and CCPA data privacy is a top ten priority

Janco has created a kit that contains tools which help an enterprise more easily manage each of the CIO priorities.

The kit can be ordered with or with out Janco's subscription update service or any of the kit components can be ordered individually.

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