Security Manual Template 2021 Version Released

Work From Home Impacts Security - Includes 7 key job descriptions

Janco's Security Manual used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide. The Security Manual Template contains definitions for the Work From Home (WFH) users and business operations as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA), HIPPA, and GDPR.

  • Security Manual Template - containing the full editable MS WORD and pdf versions of the template;
  • Forms - 34 electronic forms that are needed to implement a "World Class" security infrastructure;
  • Job Descriptions - 7 full job descriptions in MS Word - Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Data Protection Officer, Manager Security and Workstation, Manager WFH support, Security Architect, and System Administrator
  • Policies - 5 policies in MS WORD and pdf versions - Blog and Personal Website Policy - Mobile Use Policy - Sensitive and Confidential Information Policy - Server Security Policy - Travel and Off-Site Meeting policy;
  • eBook - with eBook versions of the Security Manual Policy and the supporting policies; and
  • Tools - with the Business Impact Analysis Tool, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool, Security Checklist, and PCI Audit Program

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