Netscape Tanks - Loses its Franchise

Park City, UT, -In an interview today, M. Victor Janulaitis discussed the latest results of an extensive ongoing study, The Internet Browser War. In this study, He found that Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers (versions 2 through 5) is overwhelming Netscape by garnering over 65% of all internet sessions versus Netscape's browsers (versions 2, 3, and 4), which now hang onto less than 30% of all Internet users during the week ending July 31,1999.

The data in the study covers a 23-month period from September 9, 1997 through July 31 ,1999 including over 2,000,000 Internet session data points.

 Mr. Janulaitis said, "Based on analysis of the current data, it is obvious that users are leaving the Netscape browsers in droves. This is definitely a bad omen for AOL having purchased Netscape. AOL executives must be shaking in their boots as they watch Netscape's browser market share literally disappear before them".

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