A Prescription for Writing the Description

"e" Description for the Job

A Prescription for Writing the Description - The "e" in eJobDescription.com isn't just part of a trendy name; everything at the site is completely electronic. Job descriptions are purchased online by credit card and are delivered via email.

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M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO of eJobDescription.com, says the process allows for immediate delivery of products with no manual intervention. He also cites the convenience factor and points out that it's not unusual for orders to be placed and received at two or three o'clock in the morning.

The site originally began with a focus on government and IT jobs, but has now expanded to include positions in financial services, manufacturing and distribution. At present, there are nearly 1,000 job descriptions available. According to Janulaitis, within 30 to 60 days the database will include 2,500 positions.

Selecting "Job Description" from the site's homepage returns "Category" and "Sub-Category" drop-down menus. There is also a keyword box where a "Product Name" can be entered. To browse the complete list of available descriptions, select "Job Description" in both the "Category" and Sub-Category" fields, leave the "Product Name" box empty, and hit "Search. " An alphabetical list is returned.

When looking for a particular type of position description, it's not necessary to match the job to an exact title. For example, entering "manager" returns a wide assortment of managerial positions.

Although job descriptions are available for purchase individually at the site, eJobDescriptions.com also publishes HandiGuides, many of which include multiple position descriptions. The "Information Technological Position Description HandiGuide," for example, contains over 324 IT job descriptions.

According to Janulaitis, "HandiGuides" offer another alternative for human resource professionals and recruiters seeking multiple job descriptions. Guides are available in both paper and electronic format. There are also HTML versions for company Intranet or Internet use. Information about eJobDescription.com's "HandiGuides" can be obtained by selecting "HandiGuides" under the "Browse" heading.