Janco Associates Launches It's DRP Business Continuity Chinese Program


Janco Associates Launches It's DRP Business Continuity Chinese Program - Janco announced today that it is launching a Chinese initiative for it's Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity. Victor Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco said, “Janco has seen a increase in demand for all of our Information Technology infrastructure products. In the last two quarters, our international sales have increased by over 150% compared to prior year sales. " He added, “All of the products sold so far have been in English, however there has been a significant increase in requests for Janco's products in languages other than English. " With the soon to be published Chinese version of its Disaster Recovery Plan / Business Continuity Template in Word, Janco is looking to become one of the major players in the international market for IT infrastructure tools.

Janco's IT product line also includes: Security Manual Template, Internet and IT Job Descriptions, IT Service Management for Service Oriented Architecture, Internet and PC Policies and Procedures, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Kits, Metrics for the Internet and IT, Safety Program Template, Patriot Act Security Bundle, and Client Server Management HandiGuide. Each of these products will be a candidate for Janco's Chinese initiative. In addition to these products Janco conducts a number of surveys including its North American IT Salary Survey and its Business to Business Browser Market Share Survey.

Mr. Janulaitis said, "There is a core set of infrastructure that is required by enterprises of all sizes. The tools we offer address these specific needs. Language is one of the only barriers to Janco's growth. " In addition, he said, “.we are actively pursuing strategic partnerships to help us in this endeavor. " Janco currently has partnerships with several firms that specialize in the distribution of Information Technology intellectual property.

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