Firefox's Advance is Stopped by IE 7

Browser and OS market shareFirefox's Advance is Stopped by IE 7 - Janco Associates, Inc. has just released its 1st quarter 2007 Browser Market Share White Paper. The major findings include that Firefox increase in market share has been halted with the rapid acceptance of Microsoft's IE 7.

The white paper also reports that Netscape's (NS) browser version 8 has disappeared as an option with few users committed to it. Netscape users defer to version 4 as the one of choice. The quality of the NS browser version 4 is displayed by the number of users who continue to use that browser as their browser of choice. Currently over 95% of the browser activity is limited to three browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape.

New in this white paper are recommendations on which browsers to use and why. A summary of Janco's browser market share data can be found on the web at both  and the IT Productivity Center (ITPC) web site (

The top four browser market share rankings are: 1st - Microsoft's IE - 70.52%; 2nd - Firefox - 13.38%; and 3rd - Netscape 11.85%. The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , M. Victor Janulaitis said: “Firefox took off quickly in early 2005 but slowed with the identification of a number of security issues. Since December 2006 it has lost momentum in it s quest to gain market share when Microsoft's IE 7 was released to the general public. " He added, “Netscape's release of version 8 is DOA (dead-on-arrival). The marketing of that product has been ineffective. Even though NS has almost 12% of the browser market share, in our opinion it is not clear that Netscape will be a player in the browser market next year at this time since most of their users are devoted to NS 4 - an obsolete product. ”

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