Safety Program Electronic Forms Added to DR/BC

Disaster Recovery Template version 7.2 Released updated with Janco's Safety Program electronic forms to improve the operating environment when a recovery is in process

Janco Associates has just released version 7.2 of its popular Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template. Included with this update are eight electronic forms which are needed by any organization that is going through a recovery process who want to maximize the safety of those involved in the process. The CEO of Janco Victor Janulaitis said, “We have found that it is much easier and less costly to use electronic forms which can be emailed, filled out on a computer or tablet, and filed electronically than using traditional paper forms. “  In addition, “This also paves the way to a very green solution which utilizes technology to reduce the overhead of keeping DR/BC plans current. ” He added, “This is the fourth update of the template in the last year. We continue to update all of our products to meet both management requests and mandated requirements. ”

Safety Program FormsSafety Program Forms

  • Area Safety Inspection
  • Employee Job Hazard Analysis
  • First Report of Injury
  • Inspection Checklist - Alternative Locations
  • Inspection Checklist - Computer, Server, Data Center
  • Inspection Checklist - Office Locations
  • Inspection Checklist - Work From Home Locations
  • New Employee Safety Checklist
  • Safety Program Contact List
  • Work From Home Checklist
  • Training Record
  • OSHA 300 - Log of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses
  • OSHA 300A - Summary of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses
  • OSHA 301 - Injuries and Illness Incident Report

All of these forms are contained within the Safety Program Template and the DR/BC Template.

The CEO also stated, “Over 3,000 enterprises in over 90 countries have chosen this tool as their solution to common requirement. It is viewed by many as the industry standard for Disaster and Contingency Planning. ”

Version 7.1 of the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template which was released earlier this year had been updated to comply with the ISO 22301 standard in addition to the inclusion of the seven additional electronic forms. Each of the forms comes as separate word (.docx) files that are set to be filled in directly. In addition the forms can be modified to meet individual organizational needs. The forms included are Plan Distribution Control Log; Remote Location Contact Information; Team Call List; Vendor Contact List; Off-Site Inventory; LAN Hardware / Software Inventory; and Personnel Locations.

The template is delivered electronically and comes as an easily modifiable Microsoft WORD file. The template is over 250 pages long and includes everything needed to customize the Disaster Recovery Plan to fit your organization's specific requirements.

The document includes proven written text and examples. Included are: Business Impact Analysis - including a sample impact matrix ;  Organization Responsibilities pre and post disaster - DRP checklist; Backup Strategy for Data Centers, Departmental File Servers, Wireless Network servers, Data at Outsourced Sites, Desktops (In office and "at home"), Laptops and PDA's; Recovery Strategy including approach, escalation plan process and decision points;  Disaster Recovery Procedures in a check list format; Incident/Media Communication Plan; Plan Administration Process; Technical Appendix including definition of necessary phone numbers and contact points; Job Description for Disaster Recovery Manager (3 pages long) - entire disaster recovery team job descriptions are available; and,  Work Plan to modify and implement the template - included is a list of deliverables for each task.

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