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Disaster Plan Security Safety

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and mud slides have challenged many enterprises and CIOs in particular as they tried to recover from these disasters. Employees and associates have been put at physical risk and data has been exposed to security breaches as the recovery efforts have taken place.

Most enterprises have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, however in a review of 128 companies that have recently has to activate their disaster plans Janco has found that 64% do not have and or have not followed the protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and critical security needs of their information assets.

It is for this reason that Janco has bundled its Disaster Recovery, Security and Safety Manual templates into packages that can help executives to meet their responsibilities in these three critical areas.

You can purchase each as a standalone item or in one of the favorably priced bundles:

Safety Program Template

Safety Program TemplateEffective management of worker safety and health protection is a decisive factor in reducing the extent and the severity of work-related injuries and illnesses. Effective management addresses all work-related hazards, including the potential hazards that could result from a change in work site conditions or practices. Additionally, it addresses hazards whether or not they are regulated by government standards.

Now includes full job descriptions for the Manager Safety Program and the Supervisor safety program.

The template has electronic forms that can be Emailed, completed on a PC, iPad, tablet, or laptop, and filed electronically. A completely green process which is easy to maintain and eliminates paper.

The electronic forms provided are:

  • Area Safety Inspection Report
  • Employee Job Hazard Analysis Acknowledgment
  • First Report of Injury
  • Inspection Checklist Office Areas
  • Inspection Checklist Alternative Locations
  • New Employee Safety Checklist
  • Safety Program Responsibility Contact List
  • Training Record
  • OSHA 300 - Log of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses
  • OSHA 300A - Summary of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses
  • OSHA 301 - Injuries and Illness Incident Report
You can either cut and paste the forms you need directly out of the MS WORD template or use the MS WORD files that contain the individual forms so they can be customized for your particular requirements. A sample of one of these forms is provided when you download the table of contents from the link above.

Disaster Recovery SecurityDisaster Recovery / Business Continuity and Safety Manual Bundle

Bundle is GDPR, ISO 27000 (ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 & 27031), Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, CobiT, and HIPAA compliant. It includes

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template

  • Safety Manual Template

DR/BC Security SafetyDisaster Recovery / Business Continuity, Security and Safety Manual Bundle

All of Janco's templates are compliant with all US (State and Federal), EU, and ISO requirements. It includes:.

  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template

  • Safety Manual Template

  • Security Manual Template

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The Safety Program Template addresses all of the issues associated with mandated safety requirements. This Safety Program can be used as a template for any size enterprise.

The Safety Program template has backed well formated pages and includes everything needed to customize the Safety Program to fit your specific requirement. The Safety was just updated and reflects the latest issues associated with the most recent legislation -- ISO, Sarbanes Oxley and OSHA.

The electronic document includes proven written text and examples for the following major sections of a disaster recovery plan:

  • Policy Statement
  • Safety Rules - including a check list of standard proven rules
  • Accident Investigation Process
  • Hazard Recognition and Control
  • Safety Committee including membership and procedures
  • Training including guidelines for orientation, job instruction, Supervisor training as well as specialized training
  • Communication including for management and employees
  • Record Keeping including inspection; accident investigation; training and coordination with Safety Committee.
  • Job Description for Safety Director (ADA compliant)
  • Technical Appendix including definition of necessary phone numbers and contact points; and sample forms:
    • First Report of Injury
    • Safety Audit Checklist
    • Alternate Work site Safety Checklist (i.e. work at home)

There is an extensive description that shows how a full test of the Safety Program can be conducted.

Disaster Recovery Security Cloud DRP Security Incident Communication Policy Security Audit Program

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