IT Professionals are far behind the times in government sector

IT Job DescriptionsBLS adds "new" jobs to the IT category that have been in place for over ten years

Park City, UT -IT Professionals are far behind the times in government sector - Janco Associates, Inc. has just reviewed the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) additions to its classification of jobs and has found that they are significantly behind in their process. The update that they have just released is for 2010. The CEO of Janco Associates, Mr. MV Janulaitis said, "The four new IT positions that they have induced were definitely needed. However they are way behind the market. For example a BLS new position is Web developr. The web has been around now for over 20 years and in the public eye for at least 15 years. Now they add the job. "

BLS New IT Job Definitions

The BLS has added for IT jobs in its classification

  • Information security Analyst - 72,670 jobs at a mean wage of $85,860
  • Web developrs - 102,940 jobs at a mean wage of $63,560
  • Computer network architects - 137,890 at a mean wage of $90,380
  • Computer network support specialists - 167,980 jobs at a mean wage of $60,540

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The CEO said, "We have had all of those positions included in our Information Technology Position Description HandiGuide for over ten years. We are glad to see that the government is finally catching up, however their processes are somewhat slow.

Janco did compare the salary levels published by the BLS and three of the four positions were within the ranges that Janco published in its 2013 IT salary survey. The one position that did not completely fall into place was due to a variance in the responsibilities that are defined in the BLS job classification versus Janco's detail job description.